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Trakpay & Paylocity Integration


Do you want to get your pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation (paygo WC) reporting service setup with Paylocity and your insurance carrier? Then you've come to the right place!

TrakPay supports all Paylocity clients who want to set up a robust paygo WC reporting service to automate the reporting of their payroll to any Workers Comp insurance carrier as long as your policy billing method is set to receive payroll and process payments for the paygo WC service (or monthly self-reporting).

That's right, we work with ANY and ALL insurance carriers, making TrakPay your one-stop-solution for paygo WC integrations with Paylocity!

Once integrated, TrakPay works with Paylocity's API to automatically fetch your payroll information each pay period. Data received by TrakPay from Paylocity includes employee details like work state (aka SUI state) and WC class code (if assigned in Paylocity to the employee), employee payroll amounts for your wage codes, and payroll period dates (pay start date, pay end date, and check/pay date).

Software Integration Highlights
  • Works with ANY and ALL insurance carriers and agent/brokers as a one-stop-shop solution
  • WC insurance premium payments are based on actual payroll, not estimates, thus easing cash flow & major audit pains.
  • When a payroll is processed in Paylocity, employee WC class codes might not be assigned or incorrectly assigned (i.e. the state/class code combo doesn't exist on the policy). In this situation, other paygo WC vendors may either return an error that cannot be interactively fixed, or the employees' payroll is completely ignored, and the policyholder is charged back premium penalties at audit time.
  • Not only does TrakPay solve this problem, but with 360 integration, TrakPay sends back the corrected WC class code to Paylocity so that future errors are avoided.
  • TrakPay's industry leading "Intuitive Error-Fixing" is a first-of-its-kind feature unlike any other direct carrier or vendor integration. TrakPay will prompt you to login and easily assign the correct class code to the employee in question. This feature alone is unique to TrakPay and ensures accurate class code reporting which prevents a plethora of issues.
  • Plus, Intuitive Error-Fixing's “Smart Endorsements” helps to interactively communicate endorsement requests for new state/code combos so your policy stays in compliance. Anytime a new class code and/or state combo needs to be added to a WC policy, receive a notification prompting the broker/agent to endorse the policy.

Once payroll is received by TrakPay, and employee payrolls with errors are fixed (if any), TrakPay works with your insurance carrier to automatically upload your payroll data to them which will complete the paygo WC reporting service for every pay period.

In order to start your integration, please click 'Begin' below to go through TrakPay's intelligent registration flow. And if you have not yet registered for TrakPay on Paylocity's internal vendor Marketplace, please be sure to do so.

If you complete the TrakPay registration, but not the Paylocity Vendor Marketplace sign up for TrakPay, we will send you email reminders to visit the Paylocity Marketplace to complete your integration request.



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